About Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea, commonly known as Roseroot or Goldenroot, is a perennial plant native to Northern Europe and Asia, valued for its properties as an herbal adaptogen. Rhodiola rosea has been used by Russian olympic athletes, cosmonauts, herbalists and physicians as a natural means for boosting physical and mental performance while aiding the body's resistance to stress-induced illness.

In the wild, Rhodiola rosea grows best in colder climates and can be found in many areas of Northern Europe and Asia where it may grow up to 20 years before being harvested. Unfortunately, over-harvesting of the wild root has resulted in lesser quantities of Rhodiola rosea being made available to the world market in recent years. Several countries are currently taking measures to classify the plant as endangered so measure can be taken to protect it from extinction. This is creating a high demand for commercially-grown Rhodiola rosea worldwide.

Recognizing its huge health and economic potential, a renowned Alberta herbalist began encouraging area farmers and the Alberta government to start commercially growing Rhodiola rosea, in part owing to the province's almost ideal climate for cultivating this hardy plant. From these efforts, the Rhodiola Rosea Commercialization Team was born, bringing together more than 30 Alberta scientists, agronomists and farmers on a five-year mandate to bring about the development of commercial products based on Rhodiola rosea.

There are many species of Rhodiola but only Rhodiola rosea contains the group of bioactive ingredients called rosavins which give the plant its characteristic medicinal properties. Rhodiola rosea can be used in many forms: fresh root, dried root, or extracts. It can be administered as an infusion in tea, single ingredient supplement in capsules or directly in an energy drink, bar or powder. Both Rhodiola rosea tinctures and supplements made from ARRGO's Rhodiola rosea are expected to enter the Canadian market by the end of the decade.

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