Growers of Premium Quality Rhodiola Rosea

We are the Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization (ARRGO), a new generation cooperative of Alberta farmers providing our members with a single-stop support organization for the production and sale of high-quality herbal products based on Rhodiola rosea. ARRGO is dedicated to growing the best Rhodiola rosea products available, in part through our strict adherence to principles emphasizing Quality, Commitment and Community.


ARRGO only processes Rhodiola rosea from growers who are certified under the Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) certification program and documents the identity and traceability of plants thoughout their lifecycle.

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ARRGO makes responsiveness to both growers and buyers one of its top priorities and excels in the areas of ‘best practices’ and customer service. ARRGO clients have access to a master file of scientific information providing evidence of safety, quality and clinical efficacy.

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ARRGO was one of only a very few organizations of Rhodiola rosea growers in the world. As a Grower Cooperative, ARRGO retains only sufficient finances to cover its operating and capital costs while returning all other revenue to its members and shareholders through dividends and bonuses.

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Featured products

Fresh from our farm

Northern Vigour Rhodiola Mint Tea

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Northern Vigour Certified Organic Arctic Root Rhodiola rosea Tea – same as our conventional Rhodiola tea, but grown and processed according to the highest organic standards.

Northern Vigour Rhodiola Haskap Tea

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Northern Vigour Rhodiola Haskap Tea – antioxidant power and sour fruity taste. Alberta-grown berries and roots combine in this immune-boosting ‘chase-the-winter blues and flu’s away’ tea.

Northern Vigour Rhodiola Chai Tea

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Northern Vigour Rhodiola Chai Tea – a strong blend of Chai spices that take control, and with the same adaptogenic benefits from Rhodiola rosea as can be found in all of our teas.

Northern Vigour Artic Root Rhodiola Tea

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Northern Vigour Arctic Root Rhodiola Rosea Teas
All blends as above in the bulk tea section.
Each consumer-ready package contains 10 tea bags of Northern Vigour Rhodiola Tea (net 30 grams)

Why Choose ARRGO Rhodiola rosea?

100% Canadian grown

high standards of quality from seed to final ingredients, our growers are Good
Agricultural Collection Practices certified (GACP) and ARRGO final products are HACCP approved.

100% Sustainability

our strains thrive in our rugged and cold climate. We wrote the book on growing
Rhodiola Rosea.

100% Full Traceability

all aspects of growing, harvesting and processing are fully logged and available
for our customers to review.

100% PURE Rhodiola Rosea

both conventionally-grown and Certified Organic – the real thing, and nothing more – tested, proven and certified.