A Few Words ARRGO

Growers of Premium Quality Rhodiola Rosea

We are the Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization (ARRGO), a new generation cooperative of Alberta farmers providing our members with a single-stop support organization for the production and sale of high-quality herbal products based on Rhodiola rosea.


ARRGO is dedicated to growing the best Rhodiola rosea products available, in part through our strict adherence to principles emphasizing Quality, Commitment and Community.


ARRGO only processes Rhodiola rosea from growers who are certified under the Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) program and documents the identity and traceability of plants throughout the life cycle.

Laboratory testing on every crop prior to harvest and after processing ensures a consistently high quality product.


ARRGO also makes responsiveness to both growers and buyers one of its top priorities and excels in the areas of 'best practices' and customer service. ARRGO customers have access to a master file of scientific information providing evidence of safety, quality and clinical efficacy.

In addition ARRGO customers have access to records of all growing and harvesting inputs and practices, as well as seed and seedling authenticity documents.

The Cooperative


ARRGO provides a number of services to assist its members not only in the realization of their individual production goals but also in the fostering of a vibrant growers' community through such initiatives as its mentoring program.

At its inception in 2007, ARRGO was one of only a very few organizations of Rhodiola rosea growers in the world. It currently operates as a for profit organization, retaining only sufficient finances to cover its operating and capital costs while returning all other revenue to its members and shareholders through dividends and bonuses.

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