ARRGO provides buyers with a single, centralized source for top quality, lab-tested and commercially-grown Rhodiola rosea. Traceability, customer service, and stringently applied growing standards ensure that ARRGO has a consistent, high-quality, abundant source of commercial Rhodiola rosea available to herb buyers.

ARRGO is committed to providing a guarantee of active ingredients by having laboratory tests conducted on each grower’s crop prior to processing and when Rhodiola is shipped to customers. Strict growing and processing quality procedures are documented and available to buyers on demand. ARRGO welcomes buyers who are also committed to providing quality end products with guaranteed active ingredient content. Its clients have access to a master file of scientific information that provides evidence of safety, quality and clinical efficacy, in itself a valuable marketing tool that can also be used to apply for government licenses as required.

If you are looking to purchase wholesale quantities (100kg or more) of top-quality washed, chipped and dried Alberta grown, Rhodiola rosea root, ARRGO is currently accepting Purchase Orders for the 2019 harvest season and beyond.

To maintain complete traceability of plant material, ARRGO is unable to sell seed or seedlings of our Rhodiola rosea outside our cooperative.  All sales of seeds and seedlings are restricted to active cooperative members with delivery contracts.

Contact us today through our sales department for more information.

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