Rhodiola rosea is often called golden root, rose root, roseroot or Arctic root, due to its origins in the Arctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. It is a perennial flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae that is considered an adaptogen and has been used as traditional medicine for treating stress related ailments.

Rhodiola Rosea

Uses and Benefits

Increase energy levels and to provide stress relief

It can up-regulate your metabolism when energy levels are low and down-regulate your metabolism during periods of intense stress – the stabilization is said to protect our health and increase our overall performance.

Increase focus, memory and concentration

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More Research

Today there is a great deal of research looking into a multitude of health, medical, and performance areas to find additional situations where Rhodiola rosea can provide a benefit.

The Different Species of Rhodiola

Choose Only Rhodiola Rosea

Simply put, there are many species of Rhodiola, but Rhodiola rosea is unique. Why?

Various products may say they contain Rhodiola. It is important to determine what species is being used because only Rhodiola rosea contains a group of chemical compounds collectively called rosavins.

Because of Rosavins, if you are using other species such as Rhodiola crenulata or Rhodiola integrifolia, which are much more common, the root or products derived from it will not have the same healing benefits as Rhodiola rosea.

ARRGO only grows Rhodiola rosea – period. To ensure a beneficial product, look specifically for Rhodiola rosea, and preferably from a traceable source.

Why Are Rosavins Important?

Rosavins are a group of three separate chemical compounds (rosavin, rosin, rosarin) that are unique to the Rhodiola rosea species. There are many chemicals in Rhodiola rosea but it is generally accepted that the most effective compounds to have positive human health benefits are rosavins.

Rhodiola Rosea

Uses and Benefits

Poly-phenol Compounds

Rhodiola rosea also contains numerous poly-phenol compounds which can contribute to many of the health benefits associated with anti-oxidants.


Many products are standardized with a fixed ratio of rosavins and salidroside with both groups of compound contributing to the reported benefits. A common standardized ratio is 3% rosavins to 1% salidroside. However there are products which contain only salidroside and these products will be different and may often be sourced from other species like Rhodiola crenulata.

Essential Oils

Rhodiola rosea also contains various essential oils that give the plant a wonderfully pleasant rose fragrance that is very apparent when consumed as a tea. Try a cup of our ARRGO tea and see for yourself.

Our Products

What Kind of Products Are Available

Tea Varieties

ARRGO tea, when steeped for 5 - 10 minutes, contains rosavins and salidrosides and will provide a pleasant taste experience with wonderful rose floral notes.

Capsules & Nutraceuticals

They typically contain a small amount of dried extract from Rhodiola rosea roots.

Regardless of the product, it is best to start with good quality Rhodiola rosea from a traceable source, such as that supplied by ARRGO. 

Dried Root Material

Rhodiola rosea tinctures are also effective and can be easily made at home by Do-It-Yourselfers with dried root material.


Cosmetics containing Rhodiola rosea are becoming popular and have shown to have efficacy in anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and skin protection formulations.


When purchasing these products, it is important to know what the extract inside is – an effective product will contain an extract with rosavin. As the nutraceutical market is largely unregulated, many products on the market do not contain the listed ingredients. Being diligent on the source of rosavins will ensure an effective product.


RHODIOLA ROSEA is engdangered

Because of the vast array of health benefits that Rhodiola rosea can provide, indiscriminate harvesting of roots from the wild has forced the plant onto the Red List of endangered species in many European countries. 

  • In areas of Northern Canada Rhodiola rosea grows wild, but in this severe climate, small plants can be 100 years or older. 
  • In sub-alpine climates, such as specific areas in Alberta, Rhodiola rosea thrives and will take five years or more to mature before harvest.
  • ARRGO Rhodiola Rosea is grown on a sustainable basis using Good Agriculture Collection Practices; its supply is fully traceable. 

ARRGO is the world’s largest North American source of cultivated, sustainable Rhodiola Rosea.

When you buy ARRGO Rhodiola rosea, you are supporting a cooperative developed on strong ethical principles.