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Northern Vigour Arctic Root Rhodiola rosea Tea

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ARRGO’s Northern Vigour Rhodiola Teas all have our Canadian-grown, sustainable and fully-traceable Rhodiola rosea.  Lab analysis of our tea samples documents that two cups (2 X 250 ml) a day will provide the recommended daily dosage of rosavins and salidroside as outlined in the Health Canada Monograph on Rhodiola rosea.  In fact Rhodiola tea gives you more than the isolated components found in a standardized extract, because you have the benefits of the whole root in your cup of tea, not to mention the unique aroma and pleasant flavour of this amazing adaptogen.

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Northern Vigour Arctic Root Rhodiola rosea Tea – nothing but Rhodiola rosea in this cup of tea.   If you’re needing a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but don’t want the side effects of coffee, enjoy this amazing and tasty alternative.  Tea aficionados just love it for its great flavour – slightly astringent with the aroma of fresh baked pastry.  Be sure to steep this tea, and keep it from boiling to avoid excessive astringency.


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