Meet the Peters family.  Jos and Dorthy head up their multi-generational farm in central Alberta.  The Peters family milk goats, and grow saskatoons and organic Rhodiola rosea.  The climate and soil are perfect, and the Rhodiola roots are massive!

Test plot in New Brunswick. This province has an extended growing season with milder winters. Under the guidance and nurture of Dr. Ron Smith, this test plot will show how well Rhodiola rosea can grow in eastern of Canada.

ARRGO Member Donna in her Certified Organic field near Keg River. Lots of work on her knees to maintain this herbicide-free field.

ARRGO Member Roy is holding a 5-year- old Rhodiola rosea plant. The plants have gone dormant and have experienced overnight frosts prior to harvest. Covered bins store and contain the roots during transport. Immediately after harvest, Roy delivers the roots for processing.

Rhodiola rosea field in bloom. The plants bloom in May and June. This is a great time to come for a visit to our fields.

ARRGO Member Hans and family have gathered to bring in the harvest.

Serving samples of Rhodiola tea to town residents in Thorsby – home to the ARRGO Processing Facility.

ARRGO Member Monica shows two large roots from her delivery. Each of these roots will weight more than 1 kg. Her crop is in sandy soil which grows large roots that are easier to clean.

ARRGO Member Shauna is in the ARRGO booth at SupplySide West. Shauna knows how to grow Rhodiola and she can talk about the business of ARRGO to our customers.

In the food lab our tea is being made ready. This batch will be made into samples for our tradeshow customers.

Back in Alberta the Rhodiola thrives in our cool climate and long summer days.